House of Japan was born when its founders, the Chuang family, opened the first restaurant in November of 1998 in Dublin, Ohio.  The restaurant had a simple concept: excellent food cooked in an entertaining and fun environment.


Customers enjoy the food that is cooked right in front of them with entertaining chefs from start to finish.  House of Japan has come a long way since the simple concept was conceived.


A Second location was built in the Polaris area just four years later.  Today, we are known as one of the best Hibachi Japanese Steakhouses in the Columbus area by many critics.  In addition, Consumers’ Choice Awards has given House of Japan its award of excellence each year for the past number of years.

Since opening in Dublin, Ohio at Tuttle Crossing in November of 1998, House of Japan has won the Consumer's Choice Award in the "Fine Japanese Dining" category from 1999 – 2003 and 2005-2017.


Because of customer response, a second location was opened at 8701 Sancus Boulevard near Polaris Fashion Mall.  House of Japan boasts a unique blend of dishes, such as filet mignon, Hibachi lobster, shrimp, chicken or scallops, Teppan steak and an Imperial feast for two, which includes mushroom soup, salad, shrimp appetizers and a main course of lobster, filet mignon and chicken.


During busy Lunch hours, House of Japan's well-trained staff is committed to providing the best possible food, a short show, and offers fast service.  Dinner is where the full show happens.  Chefs will dazzle diners with their forks, knives and spatulas while they cook, flaming onion volcano, shrimp tails flying, chefs performing tricks, and many more....


House of Japan's sushi bar serves a large selection of fresh seafood delivered three to four times a week. The sushi bar offers a variety, such as sushi, sashimi, rolls and hand rolls.  For beginners, the California roll is always a cool and satisfying starter.